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Trojans Athletics

North Hardin High School


Trojans Athletics

North Hardin High School

Trojans Athletics

North Hardin High School

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Game Summary

3 years ago

Boys Varsity Wrestling vs.

Game Date
Feb 13, 2015

REGION 2 WRESTLING TOURNAMENT: North Hardin chasing repeat in spite of just two No. 1 seeds (02/10)

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It took 33 years for the North Hardin Trojans to win another region wrestling tournament title.

Though they’ve been through a rough patch because of injuries this season, it’s a spot the Trojans aren’t willing to relinquish just yet.

North Hardin received just two No. 1 seeds during Sunday’s draw meeting for the Region 2 Tournament, but don’t think that means the Trojans will be a one-hit wonder.

If anything, it will help spur North Hardin on during the tournament Friday and Saturday at Meade County.

“I think that we’ve got not as good a chance as last year,” Trojans coach Joe Burroughs said. “But in the last couple of weeks, we wrestled Meade County and Central Hardin in duals and beat them. But a bracketed tournament is different. I’m still not feeling comfortable, but I think we’ve got a good shot to pull off another one.”

The reason Burroughs doesn’t feel as confident as he did entering last year’s tournament is because the Trojans have dealt with a rash of injuries and aren’t completely healthy yet.

Top-seeded 195-pound junior LaCorey Roberson (22-6) and fourth-seeded 138-pound sophomore Brandon Leak (22-6) have been dealing with shoulder injuries, while fifth-seeded 126-pound senior Jake Burroughs (11-4) has suffered with breathing issues for the last two seasons.

Most coaches would be frustrated by having to deal with all of that, but Joe Burroughs isn’t.

“It’s not frustrating because we’re doing the right things to become champions,” he said. “I think we’ve been blessed in the past with no injuries, where this year we got them all. Hopefully we can get through them all and have a good year next year.”

The region’s other coaches said North Hardin and Meade County, last year’s runner-up, are the teams to beat.

The Green Wave, however, could have their work cut out with only one No. 1 seed in 220-pound senior Trevin Montgomery (33-12).

Central Hardin, which got an area-best three top seeds, could also be in contention. The Bruins’ No. 1 seeds are 160-pound senior Cole Overman (41-0), 170-pound junior Dakota Jones (39-7) and 182-pound junior Bradley Rafn (15-7).

“I think they’re still at the head of the class,” Central Hardin coach Russ Pike said of the Trojans and Green Wave. “I’d like to think that, if we have some things go our way, we can sneak up there in that two spot. But I would say Meade and North are still up there.

“They just seem to have strong teams right now and have for the last few years.”

The only other area wrestler to get a No. 1 seed was John Hardin freshman Trent Johnson (34-6).

The other No. 1 seeds went to Owensboro Apollo seventh-grader Jake Insko (106 pounds, 22-3 record) and seniors Tyler Ward (113, 33-6), Moses Williams (126, 27-4) and Joey Insko (132, 41-6); Daviess County junior Skyler Martinson (120, 22-4); Taylor County senior Zack Richerson (145, 34-8) and Nelson County junior Andrew Ackley (152, 24-0).

If any team can play spoiler to North Hardin and Meade County, it’s Apollo.

“It’s hard to say who will be up there with North and Meade,” said John Hardin coach Josh Johnson, “but there is always at least one spoiler.”

LaRue County, meanwhile, didn’t get any top seeds. But with 12 wrestlers seeded in the top six in their classes, the Hawks can’t be counted out.

“All of our kids are young and we got a lot of favorable draws,” Coach Eric Burrell said. “Realistically, I can see us putting six in the finals — if the kids wrestle to their potential. We can make some noise.

“I don’t consider us a darkhorse. These other teams know about us. We can wrestle well at this tournament,” he added. “We’ve beaten Central Hardin, John Hardin and Meade County at tournaments this season. We’re a good tournament team.”

Josh Claywell can be reached at 270-505-1752 or


106 Pounds

Jake Insko (Apollo) received a bye

Zane Davenport (Central Hardin) vs. Caleb Medley (Daviess County)

Bailey Medley (Meade County) received a bye

Jackson Grimsley (Taylor County) received a bye

Brody Haverstick (John Hardin) received a bye

Muhon Nard (Owensboro) received a bye

Bryce Reiter (Thomas Nelson) received a bye

Stiles Metcalfe (LaRue County) received a bye

113 Pounds

Tyler Ward (Apollo) received a bye

Peter Mark (Central Hardin) vs. Chase Wallace (John Hardin)

Jared Ray (Meade County) vs. Jonathan Brown (Owensboro)

Amanda Cervantes (Taylor County) vs. Logan Church (LaRue County)

120 Pounds

Skyler Martinson (Daviess County) received a bye

Cody Thomas (Central Hardin) vs. Brandon Powers (Apollo)

Hunter Knoth (Meade County) vs. Levi Goodin (LaRue County)

John Lesly (John Hardin) vs. Austin Nance (Thomas Nelson)

126 Pounds

Moses Williams (Apollo) received a bye

Austin Hall (Central Hardin) vs. Dorien Moorman (John Hardin)

Jake Burroughs (North Hardin) received a bye

Griffin Hall (Taylor County) received a bye

Dalton Bell (LaRue County) received a bye

Joe Murillo (Fort Knox) received a bye

Justin Stallings (Thomas Nelson) vs. Truman Galusha (Daviess County)

Alex Lee (Meade County) received a bye

132 Pounds

Joey Insko (Apollo) received a bye

Dominique Salgado (North Hardin) vs. Taylor Henry (Fort Knox)

Cory Ashbaugh (Thomas Nelson) received a bye

David Maldonado (Meade County) received a bye

Noah Davis (LaRue County) received a bye

Codey Mattingly (Whitesville Trinity) received a bye

Sean Romero (John Hardin) vs. Dalton Latham (Central Hardin)

Garrett Haggerty (Taylor County) received a bye

138 Pounds

Trent Johnson (John Hardin) vs. Alex Evans (Owensboro)

Noah King (LaRue County) vs. Roger Young (Meade County)

Brandon Leak (North Hardin) vs. Chris Atkinson (Taylor County)

Zachary Boarman (Whitesville Trinity) vs. Tristin Bird (Central Hardin)

145 Pounds

Zack Richerson (Taylor County) received a bye

Sebastian Sarcos (Fort Knox) vs. Tristan Rogers (Nelson County)

Dakota Hoskins (Meade County) received a bye

Bradley Nance (Thomas Nelson) received a bye

Dawson Bingham (LaRue County) received a bye

Zach Shah (Owensboro) received a bye

Dakota Beasley (Daviess County) vs. Jacob Guess (Central Hardin)

Derrick Smallwood (North Hardin) received a bye

152 Pounds

Andrew Ackley (Nelson County) received a bye

Oscar Martinez (Apollo) vs. Lucas Crepps (Thomas Nelson)

Griffin Dulak (LaRue County) received a bye

Corey Knoth (Meade County) received a bye

Aaron Chandler (Central Hardin) received a bye

Derek Armer (John Hardin) received a bye

Cooper Hall (Taylor County) received a bye

Raymond Williams (North Hardin) received a bye

160 Pounds

Cole Overman (Central Hardin) received a bye

Johnny Lee (Meade County) vs. Dakota Santiago (Taylor County)

Warren Tucker (John Hardin) vs. Brandon Campbell (Thomas Nelson)

Cameron Pellegrino (LaRue County) vs. Johnathan Little (North Hardin)

170 Pounds

Dakota Jones (Central Hardin) vs. Joshua Wilmeth (Fort Knox)

Jonathon Sanders (Taylor County) vs. Jordan Childers (Meade County)

Tristan Gillaspie (Daviess County) vs. Anthony Garner (John Hardin)

Jordan Neal (Owensboro) vs. Matt Steven (LaRue County)

182 Pounds

Bradley Rafn (Central Hardin) vs. Daniel Hutchens (Taylor County)

Randy Norris (Apollo) vs. Dalton Jett (Meade County)

Louis Hollings (John Hardin) vs. Zalik Coates (North Hardin)

Zack Bailey (LaRue County) vs. Quintin Davis (Daviess County)

195 Pounds

LaCorey Roberson (North Hardin) received a bye

Christian Colburn (Owensboro) vs. Mitchel Devins (Daviess County)

Ed Hernandez (LaRue County) vs. Allen Gregg (Apollo)

Luke Hunt (Taylor County) vs. Dylan Knowlton (Meade County)

220 Pounds

Trevin Montgomery (Meade County) vs. Chase Holeman (Daviess County)

Stephen Kaiser (John Hardin) vs. Malik Williams (North Hardin)

Michael Roberts (Whitesville Trinity) vs. Aaron Veach (Owensboro)

Hayden Polston (Central Hardin) vs. Clayton Engle (LaRue County)

285 Pounds

LaMichael Johnson (North Hardin) received a bye

Tate Morris (Taylor County) vs. Juwian Mollison (John Hardin)

Charlie Roarx (LaRue County) received a bye

Bryan Pratt (Meade County) received a bye

Josh Hayes (Nelson County) received a bye

Jonathan Dotson (Thomas Nelson) received a bye

Tristian Haight (Daviess County) vs. Nate Humphrey (Owensboro)

Josh Farris (Central Hardin) received a bye

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